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Aviator Bass In Lake Placid Blue Metallic

The toast of Memphis recording engineers, up for sale is this gorgeous Lake Placid Blue Metallic Aviator Bass. Unique 33" scale provides effortless smooth and fast playing without sacrificing string tension. Master mode jazz switch for two completely different circuits gives you on/off for each pickup plus a parallel/series switch that when in series, you will swear this has an active preamp! Switch up to jazz mode and get a wonderful upright sound, with a separate filter and dedicated tone knob. Master volume and 6 position Tonestyler Duo Bass Six make this the most versatile bass around, to say nothing of the look and balance!


This bass comes with a Hardshell case and free shipping to lower 48

​(CALL us for overseas shipping)

Please call us direct to purchase (901) 729-6767 


For more information, videos and specs, check out the model page here

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