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Cadet Antique Cherry Burst

The Cadet is our take on a timeless classic, with a slightly different body shape that allows better access to the lower frets. All our finish work is hand mixed, one of a kind colors. The majority of our work is custom built, so contact us if you want something specific. This is a beautiful interpretation of a vintage cherry burst from the early 60's.
A straight ahead rocker, our Cadet offers the player, professional as well as student, the ability to get a handcrafted, boutique instrument for a midrange price. Compare our craftsmanship, hardware and components to any boutique builder doing a similar model!
A single killer Lollar Staple P-90 gives you fantastic clean sound but a Leslie West/Who's Next sound when overdriven. Because we use treble bleed caps on all our stuff, if you play with a lot of headroom, set your amp to break up at ten, back down and it cleans right up. No need for a pedal! This paired with the amazing ABM wraparound bridge made in Germany for us gives you amazing sustain and a welcoming smooth feel under your palm when muting. I know of no other builder in this country using this bridge on a stock production model, which is milled out of a solid piece of bell brass. Grover tulip vintage tuning machines, our usual high end electronics with CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, vintage cloth covered wire, our special shielding for dead silent running on stage or in the studio, and a hand cut bone nut and immaculate setup to your preference.



  •   Fingerboard radius - 12"

  •   Fingerboard material - Rosewood

  •   Neck material - one piece mahogany

  •   Neck contour - extremely smooth vintage C

  •   Body - 1 piece Honduran Mahogany

  •   Tuning Machines - Grover Deluxe Tulip

  •   Bridge - ABM 3024C Wraparound

  •   Electronics - vintage wiring, cloth covered and hand wired, CTS pots, Sprague Orange Drop cap,  Switchcraft jack, shielding paint and special cavity point-to-point shielding.

  •   Pickups - Lollar Bridge Staple P-90

  •   Nut - hand-cut bone



As usual, all our pricing will be lower directly through our website. Comes with a hardshell case, free shipping to lower 48 states, $20 upcharge for AK and HI. All international sales please contact us. We ship all over the world.

Other Stuff
This instrument features a hand cut bone nut and professional setup. If this ships to another climate, just like any instrument you buy anywhere, it needs to acclimate to your climate before it settles in. We do all our own fretwork, and we dress and level the frets so it plays better than anything you can buy in a store. We also will do adjustments to the buyer's preference. We don't have to do this, we do it so you get the highest level of satisfaction from us. We let our instruments sit for a week so they can settle in, then do another setup after that, as well as play the instruments to make sure they are perfect. If you favor an unusual string height or spacing, it is YOUR responsibility to take it to your local tech to do this unless you ask us ahead of time to do it for you. Product will be professionally packaged and insured. No returns unless unit is not as specified. We only sell top quality items. This is no exception. Payment is expected upon purchase. Happy shopping! And remember - if you didn't have music, what would you do?



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