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Of everything I have ever done, I wanna keep this the most. I have been told that I say that about everything, but that's not true! When Janet came to me to talk about a birthday present for her husband, who is not only an avid acoustic player, but a Beatles fan, I mentioned that I had been wanting to continue the Jamalama series I started last year. I wanted to use artists that I personally knew, and I had been planning on doing a new one each couple months, but I've just been so slammed, I haven't gotten to it. My input on the design of this is solely the back - I KNEW Klaus Voorman's magnificent drawing on the cover of Revolver had to be there. Besides that, and all the inlay, this was designed by Janet and John Lind. Let me just say, that it is easy to take the talent of your close friends for granted. But every time I go over to John's house and see something he is working on, I'm like, "Dude. You're unreal." His work is all over Memphis, and he is also one of the few people I know who has steadfastly made painting his primary source of income. This guitar is totally a testament to his talent. Check out his website and his Facebook Page at Hairfarmer Studios. All the lines from songs are things that were either used in Janet and Scott's wedding, or are what he sings to their daughter when he puts her to bed. The flower inlaid on the headstock is from a photo she sent me of a flower from their garden. Incredible care was taken to keep the lacquer at a minimum. There are only 4 coats of clear, and it was twice level sanded to get rid of any texture and appears like glass even with the painting. David almost dumped his pants when I asked him to buff it out, and he did a magnificent job. Really, the projection and sound is fantastic. If you're going into the studio to record, ok, bring your 1960 D-28. But this is totally playable art, sounds fantastic, feels great. I know we will get orders to duplicate this, and every one will be a different work of art. But the next one we are doing is a Grateful Dead theme. And its gonna be something..... Photos by Haynes Knight. Enjoy!

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