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Our Jamalama Series is something we do whenever it strikes our fancy, unless one is commissioned. Utilizing local artists, I pick a theme, I may have a few suggestions, but mostly leave it totally up to the artist for creative control. This particular one was a long time in coming. I approached John Lind about this after he did our Beatles themed one - pictures are in the photo albums I believe - but besides being an extremely talented artist, John is also a total Dead Head, and I knew he would know exactly where to draw from. Unfortunately, John has been suffering from increasingly bad carpal tunnel, to the point where intricate painting is no longer an option. By the time he had finished the front and sides, he could no longer execute the back, even though he had already designed the entire idea. I asked Paul Holiday to step in, look at John's idea, and finish the project. Paul - along with his dad, Lee Holliday - is an amazing portrait artist. Besides their other work, he and Lee have done several murals in town, my favorite one being on the building next to Central BBQ. Paul did a fantastic job on this, and its hard to tell its two different artists. This guitar features the LR Baggs Anthem SL system for pristine live connection, hand compensated bone saddle and nut, immaculate setup with custom frets, abalone inlay with double binding around the edges as well as the fret markers. Grover tuning machines, and strung with DR 12's. The detail on this, which is so well shown off by Philip Murphy's awesome photography, is amazing. Absolutely one of a kind. This guitar is made to be played, with a nitro finish over a sealer coat of urethane, but I could totally see it as wall art too. That would be a shame though. What a stage guitar! 

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